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How We Use Your Information

See what your search engine doesn’t want you to see

Your search engine edits your results based on a profile of you. Unskew My Search shows you the results you’re missing that other people see, and tells you what your search engine is ranking higher or lower on the page.

How it Works

We run a Parallel Search

Our server runs your exact same search, as if you were an anonymous user. Since it’s anonymous, it’s totally unaffiliated with you.

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We compare the Results

The unaffiliated search is then transferred from our servers to your browse extension, which compares your personal results with the unaffiliated search. We use this comparison to create the Skew Report.

See How Skewed You Are

The Skew Report is a summary of what your search engine changed on your first page of results. We also show you these changes right on the page.

See the results you're missing

frequently asked questions

How are you doing this?

We compare your search results with the exact same search run through a server that doesn’t know who you are. Then we highlight the differences.

Why just news and information searches?

Recently, more and more people have noticed that their search results are skewed to favor one viewpoint over another. News and information is where this seems most prevalent, and most harmful, and so that’s our focus.

Can I use Unskew with any search engine?

At the moment, Unskew My Search only works with Google Search.

How is this any different from incognito browsing?

Incognito browsing still uses your unique IP address, so it is not as anonymous as some people think. Unskew My Search provides a better look into how your search results are being altered.

Are you using my information?

Only if you say we can, we will note your search terms, search results, and basic browser and location information. These are anonymized, so that nothing can be identified as yours. We’re only interested in understanding more about how people’s search results are different from anonymous searches, so we can improve how Unskew My Search works.

If you don’t give us permission, we only see aggregated data, such as how many times our service was used to search for a particular term. We will never know who searched for it or where those searches occurred. To give us permission to use your searches to improve Unskew My Search, click the “share my searches” button.

What gave you this idea?

Lately, it has come to light that some search engines are skewing results in ways that don’t benefit users. We don’t like that, and we found out lots of people don’t like it. Unskew My Search gives all of us the power to see how the search engines are altering results.

our mission

We’re on a mission to bring transparency and respect back to the internet.

Unskew My Search reveals how your search engine manipulates your search results to show you what they want you to see. We think you should be able to see what you’re missing.